Guide your child's curiosity into capability!

Your Natural Learner is a developmentally-based & research-backed natural learning curriculum for curious child. Let them be as boundless as an unschooler & as prepared as an academic.

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Just like learning, connection can not be forced.

Get a copy of Leah's Reset Rx and follow the two-week prescription for reconnecting with your child (and inner child!).

It's two-weeks worth of activities and journaling questions that set the stage for your child to explore, play, and wonder - all while strengthening their bond with you.

Consider it a break from the all-too-common reality where homeschooling is yet another "to-do" on mom's never-ending list of errands and tasks...without neglecting your child's learning & educational needs.

Reset Rx: A Two-Week PlanReset Rx: A Two-Week Plan

Reset Rx: A Two-Week Plan

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