You're more than ready to step into this world of natural learning with your child, but the thing that's always been holding you back is the homeschooling regulations in your state or the fear that if your child ever has to transfer, you won't have what you need.Bridge Academy is a private umbrella school, built by natural learners for natural learners. We support you and your child's unique learning journey through official private school enrollment status, natural learning resources, and a community of involved parents leading the way in unschooling.

When you enroll your child as a student at Bridge Academy, you receive:

01 Confirmation of Enrollment
This official confirmation of enrollment letter is what you’ll need to meet the compulsory attendance laws for your state; and it's what makes your child an official private school student, meaning you no longer have to register as a homeschooler! If you're already registered as a homeschooler, this letter will be all you need to send to the school district. We have made it as easy as pie for you to transition to the Bridge Academy family and step into freedom of learning YOUR way!

02 Curriculum for Support
We provide you with the Your Natural Learner Curriculum that matches your child’s grade level. This is a flexible curriculum designed to encourage your child’s natural learning journey - it is not required to use, but offered as a support and flexible guide if you need it.

03 Parent Training Videos
Our mission is to support children AND parents... these training videos will help you provide the best learning experience possible for your family. These will include topics like Deschooling, Understanding Your Unique Learner, Designing an Ideal Learning Environment, Observing and Honoring Learning Interests, Planning, Assessment and Documentation, etc.

04 Transcripts & Records
At the end of the school year, we will connect with each Bridge family to share about how their unique learning journey went that year. This is RISK FREE and does not require you to keep records or a portfolio. We’re here to celebrate natural learning with you - not make anyone feel nervous or performative! We want to hear about the magical, the exciting, the silly, and the rabbit holes you dove down into together. Using this discussion, we’ll create a customized transcript each year for your child, including the “basics” from the included curriculum and any additional elements to incorporate from your natural learning journey that year. These transcripts can be used to keep for your own personal records or to transfer if your child ever transitions to a public or other private school in the future.05Learning Lab MembershipHaving a supportive community is the most valuable resource for many homeschooling families. We may only be online, but we want to bring that support to you in as many ways as possible! When you enroll in Bridge Academy, you automatically receive a year of membership in our Learning Lab Community. This platform provides spaces for you to engage with other families, connect your children to others, and offers opportunities to both give and receive advice and support on this unique journey.

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