Learning a natural by-product of being engaged with a rich environment.

We encourage each individual - parents, children, and everyone on our team to consider what their learning style is so that the best accomodations and mindful choices can be made to best support the child.

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In line with what the great Maria Montessori taught, I firmly believe that play is a child's work. Developmentally speaking, a child is truly not ready to sit down for a focused and structured lesson until at least the age of seven. Obviously, this is not what we are doing in our public school system in this country. There are studies being released all the time showing that we are harming our children by forcing them to learn things before they are developmentally ready - things like reading, advanced math concepts, spelling, writing, etc. are forcing our young children to give up play in exchange for a jumpstart on high test scores. This is why my program uses only quality literature and hands-on experiences in nature, art, and sensory play. Young children are fully capable of learning literacy lessons and math skills, but the way in which they are taught is imperative to their overall development. Real-world, hands-on experience is absolutely the best way for a child to learn, especially at the preschool age! And nowhere but in nature are these experiences more readily available!

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First Grade

In First grade, your child is slowly moving out of the completely "me-focused" emotional understanding to wondering how they fit into the world around them.

With that developmental path in mind, I've designed the Your Natural Learner First Grade Curriculum to allow your child to work through, understand, and develop their sense of how their unique selves fit into the world around them on multiple levels.

You will find nine unique themes designed around the idea of helping your child discover how they, as a unique individual with special gifts and talents, fit into the bigger world around them. Each theme has enough material to last through at least a month of exploration and fun!

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Second Grade

In the Your Natural Learner Second Grade Curriculum, we take this soaring literacy developmental period very seriously! The entire curriculum is centered around the idea that your child is developing these immense new powers, and walks your child through a journey of literary discovery through nine different genres. From diving into someone else’s life in the Biography theme to exploring self-expression in the Poetry theme, your child will have the opportunity to find those genres and topics that truly excite them - setting them up for a lifelong love of reading and learning!

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Third Grade

In the Your Natural Learner Third Grade Curriculum, we help you help your child, with a focus on those social and emotional development skills that are so desperately needed! The academic necessities are woven in seamlessly while you focus on helping your child develop self-regulation skills and emotional growth through themes that focus on things like Courage, Determination, and Humility, your child will not only make it through this year, but walk into next year with tools that even many adults today are lacking!

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We're taking the road less traveled, together.

  • Child-Development

    Just because your child "can" learn something, doesn't mean it's developmentally appropriate. Our curriculums guide parents with child-development insights and adaptable activities.

  • Adaptive Activities

    Each curriculum includes math, science, social studies, art, nature explorations & more. You'll learn how to expand on them and use the materials to support a natural learning path.

  • Trust Your Child's Pace

    Everything we create and offer is to help parents as they cheer on, help resource, and support their children in forging their own paths. Part of that means taking away timelines and grades.

  • All the Academics, too

    While we believe in unschooling, we haven't skimmped on academic standards. In fact, the YNL curriculums exceed standards giving your child what they need to thrive today (and tomorrow).