Natural Learning Curriculum

Meet academic standards with a flexible guide full of activities organized by theme and learn with child-development notes so you can foster trust and encourage natural learner at home.

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  • 🌝 Monthly Themes

    Themes are flexible and can be done in whichever order suits your child's needs, curiosity, or geographical area and weather. Each theme lasts 30 days or more with activity extension ideas

  • 🌞 Daily Invitations

    Morning Invitations can be set up in five minutes or less, with items found around your home. Find a home for these daily flexible invitations to enrich your child's learning environment.

  • 🌎 Cross Cultural Learning

    This approach emphasizes the importance of connecting learners with knowledge and resources from different geographic locations and cultural contexts, in order to facilitate collaboration, cross-cultural understanding, and a deeper appreciation of diverse perspectives.

Intentional homeschooling


Written by Leah Mcdermott 

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