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Child-led Natural Learning

Pre-K/ Kindergarten Curriculum

Pre-K/ Kindergarten Curriculum

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Natural Learning


Parents, it’s not hard to imagine our little Preschoolers and Kindergarteners as (very hungry) caterpillars... moving through the world at their own pace, “nibbling” on all of the bits and pieces of knowledge and newness that they see around them! The questions come furiously - sometimes over 300 a day! - in an insatiable hunger for knowledge. As your child nibbles and grows on new information about the world around them through the early learning years, unbeknownst to them, they are actually doing a lot of internal changing for the new child that will emerge on the other side - just like our caterpillar friend! At the end of your child’s time in this phase, you will notice that “chrysalis” stage of their own - where they turn inward a bit to digest and make sense of everything their hands and minds have gathered over the years, to emerge as beautiful and unique butterflies ready for a new adventure!
In the Your Natural Learner Pre-K/Kindergarten Curriculum, that insatiable curiosity that your child has is met at every turn. Through hands-on activities, nature and sensory exploration, and a world of themes to match every possible interest or question your child might have, you will be ever-prepared to provide a natural learning experience for your little one.

Inside the Pre-K/K Curriculum, you will find 21 unique themes designed around a different thing in nature your child might see and have questions about, but encompassing all subject areas. Each theme has enough material to last through at least 2-4 weeks of exploration and fun, giving you the flexibility to learn all year long and follow your child's interests and motivation! 

This curriculum is designed to be utilized for several years in a row throughout the early years, cycling back through the themes anytime your child shows an interest again, allowing them to bring new knowledge to the table each time.

Inside each of the unique themes, you'll see all subject areas represented - recommended reading lists, literacy lessons, math connections, science, art, nature, etc. 

You can confidently trust that every necessary skill that your child should know at this stage will be covered in a hands-on way that supports natural, meaningful learning. No supplements are needed and the content in this curriculum will pass every state's standards in the United States and many other countries, meaning you don't ever have to worry about missing a thing. 

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