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Take a peak at any of our sample packets and begin exploring what Natural Learning looks like for your unique family.

  • PreK - Kindergarten • Ages 3-5

    In the Your Natural Learner Pre-K/Kindergarten Curriculum, that insatiable curiosity that your child has is met at every turn. Through hands-on activities, nature and sensory exploration, and a world of themes to match every possible interest or question your child might have, you will be ever-prepared to provide a natural learning experience for your little one.

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  • 1st Grade •Ages 6-7

    In the Your Natural Learner First Grade Curriculum, your child will get to fully embrace that feeling of discovering how big and wide the world around them is, and figuring out exactly how they fit into it as a unique individual. With themes such as My Body, My Creative Self, and My Family, there is an entire year of self-discovery ahead for your big learner!

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  • 2nd Grade • Ages 7-8

    In the Your Natural Learner Second Grade Curriculum, we take this soaring literacy developmental period very seriously! The entire curriculum is centered around the idea that your child is developing these immense new powers, and walks your child through a journey of literary discovery through nine different genres. From diving into someone else’s life in the Biography theme to exploring self-expression in the Poetry theme, your child will have the opportunity to find those genres and topics that truly excite them - setting them up for a lifelong love of reading and learning!

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  • 3rd Grade • Ages 8-9

    In the Your Natural Learner Third Grade Curriculum, we help you help your child, with a focus on those social and emotional development skills that are so desperately needed! The academic necessities are woven in seamlessly while you focus on helping your child develop self-regulation skills and emotional growth through themes that focus on things like Courage, Determination, and Humility, your child will not only make it through this year, but walk into next year with tools that even many adults today are lacking!

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  • 4th Grade

    Earth Science theme is avaialbe now! The fourth grade curriculum is available as pre-order only.

  • 5th - 8th Grades

    This group of curriculum themes for 5th-8th graders is an expansion into self-directed learning as a collaborative experience. At this level, it’s a slow removal of the scaffolding that you put up for them in earlier years. With each new year, you are removing that scaffolding little by little, guided by the abilities of your child.

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What is Natural Learning?

What is a Scope & Sequence?

Scope refers to the breadth and depth of content and skills to be covered.Sequence refers to how these skills and content are ordered and presented to learners over time.

What academic standards does this curriculum meet?

YNL meets and exceeds all US academic standards, even in the most rigrigorous states.

What format does the curriculum come in?

You'll receive digital access to a print-ready curriculum. Each curriculum includes various themes. All of the subjects are covered throughout each theme, for interdisinterdisciplinary contextual learning.

This format allows children to develop the skills to learn in any setting, not just memorize knowledge.

The themes are flexible, meaning there is no set order they must be worked through. In fact, they are cumulative over the course of the year and as the grades build upon one another.

What's included in the curriculum?

Each curriculum includes an introduction that holds important information for parents regarding child development and how to support your child's learning based on their development.

There are various themes as well. Throughout the themes, each subject is included. The learning is woven and layered, which reflects how learning happens in real life. It's contextual learning and that means it's memorable and enjoyable for children.

Finally, each curriculum includes a Scope & Sequence. This will clearly lay out the topics and skills covered in each theme; making it simple to choose a theme if your observations indicate a certain skill needs support.

How do I use the curriculum with my children?

Any advice for homeschooling siblings or multiple children in one home?

Our curriculum is espespecially supportive to those homeschooling multiple children. You can choose to use two themes, or use one theme at a time adapting each activity for the developmental needs of each child. We offer suggestions on this as well as expansion ideas throughout the curriculums.

What is your return policy?

Due to the digital nature of delivery, no refunds are avaiable for YNL curriculum. We stand by our curriculum after 10 years of families and private schools using (and loving) them. Please check out free samples and ask questions before buying.