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Your Natural Learner

Third Grade Curriculum

Third Grade Curriculum

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*This is a pre-order! You will receive the complete curriculum as it develops over the coming weeks, with the first four themes available instantly. No refunds can be granted after purchasing.*

Welcome to THIRD GRADE!

Parents, maybe you’ve been noticing some amazing new traits and development in your third grader! This is a time of tremendous growth in your child’s social and emotional world, and sometimes it results in almost unrecognizable kiddos. But don’t worry - your child isn’t hitting the teenage years early - they’re simply processing and exploring all of these new feelings and emotions as they are suddenly aware of how much the relationships in their lives really matter to them - especially with friends and peers! Though your instinct might be to back off, your child is fully in need of that connection with you right now, so don’t shy away from it! Connection and your emotional modeling and availability are key to wading through this year of transformation together!
In the Your Natural Learner Third Grade Curriculum, we help you help your child, with a focus on those social and emotional development skills that are so desperately needed! The academic necessities are woven in seamlessly while you focus on helping your child develop self-regulation skills and emotional growth through themes that focus on things like Courage, Determination, and Humility. Your child will not only make it through this year, but walk into next year with tools that even many adults today are lacking!

Inside the Third Grade Curriculum, you will find nine unique themes designed around a different character trait, but encompassing all subject areas. Each theme has enough material to last through at least 4-6 weeks of exploration and fun, giving you the flexibility to learn all year long and follow your child's interests and motivation!

Inside each of the unique themes, you'll see all subject areas represented - recommended reading lists, literacy lessons, math connections, science, art, writing, social studies, etc. Plus a final project that will help your child bring all of their learning together in a beautiful ending.

You can confidently trust that every necessary skill that your child should know at this stage will be covered in a hands-on way that supports natural, meaningful learning. No supplements are needed and the content in this curriculum will pass every state's standards in the United States and many other countries, meaning you don't ever have to worry about missing a thing. 


These nine, comprehensive and cross-curricular themes will give you flexibility to choose the sequence in which you teach them, giving you the ability to follow your child’s interests and needs:

  • “Courage” – Focus on being brave and trying new things

  • “Kindness” – Focus on helping others without expectations

  • “Determination” – Focus on trying our hardest and setting goals

  • “Honesty” – Focus on telling the truth, even to ourselves

  • “Generosity” – Focus on giving freely and kindly

  • “Humility” – Focus on believing in ourselves and others

  • “Compassion” – Focus on developing empathy

  • “Resourcefulness” – Focus on using what we have 

  • “Responsibility” – Focus on caring for ourselves and our things


  • Everything You Need – Right at Home – A simple supply list makes it easy for you to create and set up any of the activities from the curriculum with great ease! Very few special orders or additional supplies needed!

  • Help Your Child Connect to the World - Through literature, personal connections, and fun activities, your child will understand their place in the world around them, connecting to others and, ultimately, themselves.

  • Develop Your Child’s Unique Creativity - With themes that focus on helping your child understand their uniqueness, they will embrace their creative selves and develop a personal sense of curiosity, creativity, and joy

  • Professionally Designed – With two Masters of Education in Reading and Curriculum Writing, dual teaching certifications, educator awards, and (most importantly) being a homeschooling mom of three, this curriculum is designed by an author with the most specific and meaningful professional and personal qualifications!

  • Accessible Downloads – This digital curriculum will be available for download as soon as you complete your purchase! No waiting for the mail- you’ll have everything you need within minutes. The curriculum is broken down by individual themes, making it easy and quick to access exactly the section that you are looking for!

Refund Disclaimer: Due to the unreturnable nature of digital content, there are no refunds available for curriculum purchases.

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