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Child-led Natural Learning

First Grade Curriculum

First Grade Curriculum

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Natural Learning

 Welcome to FIRST GRADE!

In First Grade, your child is slowly moving out of the completely "me-focused" emotional understanding to wondering how they fit into the world around them.

With that developmental path in mind, we've designed the Your Natural Learner First Grade Curriculum to allow your child to work through, understand, and develop their sense of how their unique selves fit into the world around them on multiple levels.

You will find nine unique themes designed around the idea of helping your child discover how they, as a unique individual with special gifts and talents, fit into the bigger world around them. Each theme has enough material to last through at least a month of exploration and fun!

Inside each of the unique themes, you'll see all subject areas represented - recommended reading lists, literacy lessons, math connections, science experiments, art, nature, etc. Additionally, each of the themes themselves have an overall academic area focus.

You can confidently trust that every necessary skill that your child should know at this stage will be covered in a hands-on way that supports natural, meaningful learning. No supplements are needed and the content in this curriculum will pass every state's standards in the United States and many other countries, meaning you don't ever have to worry about missing a thing.

Themes You'll Find in First Grade:

  • My Body - focus on health and wellness
  • My World - focus on our place in the big world around us
  • My Creative Self - focus on artist study and being creative
  • My Family - focus on our history and roots
  • My Neighborhood - focus on community
  • My Feelings - focus on emotions and handling big feelings
  • My Time - focus on the concept of time and managing it
  • My Backyard - focus on nature around us
  • My Animal Friends - focus on animals around the world

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