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Your Natural Learner

4th Grade Curriculum

4th Grade Curriculum

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This gives you dibs on the first themes of 4th grade as they are published. 

Price goes up once all the themes are published! 

*This is a pre-order! You will receive complete curriculum as it develops by November 30, 2022. No refunds can be granted after purchasing.*

Meet Henrietta! The 4th Grade Animal Friend

Graceful, confident, and always ready for something new, Henrietta is well on their way towards a life full of adventure and happiness. Henrietta had to overcome a few awkward stages growing up to this point - gangly legs and clumsiness, needing help reaching the acacia leaves, and fitting in with the other giraffes - but they’re now feeling like they’re on the bigger, “grown up” side of life, and it feels pretty great! Henrietta is now ready and willing every day to face or learn something new or simply enjoy that confident life they’ve already worked hard to figure out.

Parents, much like our friend Henrietta, your fourth grader is strutting into that big kid life with grace and confidence, after a few years of big physical, social, and emotional growth and change. So much of their learning power has been focused on play and anecdotes to help them on their journey of self-discovery and individual interests. While this should never change, your child now has the power to take their learning to a new level, understanding a wide variety of topics and embracing more complex ideas. Get ready to push those academic and mental boundaries with your child, while remembering to find the balance for their need to still have fun and move their bodies in play and open-ended exploration.

In the Your Natural Learner Fourth Grade Curriculum, we embrace those new abilities that your child has to expand their knowledge about complex topics and ideas, and use them to entice and ignite a spark for a lifelong drive of curiosity and problem solving! This is done through a focus on the Sciences - exploring new ideas, branching out beyond what they’ve done in the past, and trusting in their ability to comprehend and discover things that are new and complex. Through the themes in this curriculum, your child will dive into eight different realms of Science - everything from Earth Science to Oceanography - to both broaden their knowledge base AND find areas that will continue to inspire and excite them - leading to a lifelong future of learning and discovering new ideas!
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