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Child-led Natural Learning

Morning Invitations Calendar

Morning Invitations Calendar

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Natural Learning

Get a twelve-month seasonal calendar that hands you a daily morning invitation activity. Immediate engagement for the kids; a cup of coffee in peace for you. They require little to no prep and can be set up the night before or the morning of with materials you probably have around the house.

  • Printable & Digital version available
  • Set up in 2-8 minutes in the evening or morning
  • Engage your children & set the tone for the day!

Check out some of the all-time favorite Morning Invitations!
P.S. These all took less than 5 minutes to set up and engaged the kids for over an hour!

The beauty of a Morning Invitation is that many of them inspire children to come back & explore again throughout the day.


This calendar is used by families in over 35 countries! That's why we've set it up seasonally so it's flexible, but still in sync with natural rhythms.


Use these simple to set-up activities to give your children curious direction first thing in the morning. It gives them an appropriate and mom-approved place to use that morning energy burst.

Easy to Set Up

You can use things found at home! The prompts are bound to inspire some of your own ideas as well, making more use of what you already have.

Kick-start the morning. Win the day.

Get your calendar now.

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