Physical Learners

Based on your responses to our quiz your child is a physical learner.

Our kinesthetic kiddos are usually the easiest to figure out - they’re busy, always moving, have no patience for things that require them to sit still, and struggle with following multiple directions.

  • There are some obvious things like:

    There are some obvious things like:

    Give them space to move their bodies as much as they need toProvide learning spaces that allow them freedom of movement vs restrictive spaces like a typical desk and chairAllow them to move WHILE they’re working since movement helps them process

  • But there are some other, more subtle things that you can do to support your physical learner too! These are things like:

    Take as much learning outdoors as you can! The physical learner can feel mentally retrained by walls… simply being out in the open can help them tremendously!Your physical learner sees the BIG PICTURE, but not the small steps - help them break down big projects by offering one step at a time or help them create a list/sequence to follow to break up the overwhelm!ART! You might be inclined to think that because the physical learner needs to move so much, that sitting still to create art is too challenging, but that’s not true! Physical learners are often some of the most creative people - they just need the freedom of space, time, and resources.Give one task, job, or chore at a time and wait for your child to finish that before assigning the next. Multiple steps can be easily forgotten which makes the physical learner feel like a failure. Support them by helping them feel successful one step at a time!Pay attention to transitions. Even the older physical learner will often struggle with moving from one activity to another as it takes their brain a little longer to process the transition. If possible, use physical challenges to shift from one thing to the next (i.e. if it’s time to leave a park, challenge your child to race you to the car).

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