• Child-Development Code

    This curriculum guides you in understanding child development, and how to homeschool in tune with natural learning patterns.

  • Flexible Themes

    Meaningful learning happens within a context that is relevant to your child. That's why you can choose whichever theme that speaks to them the most and interdisinterdisciplinary learning continues.

  • Scope and Sequence

    Each curriculum includes a Scope & Sequence which lays out all the skills and academics covered by theme.

    This makes it straight-forward when its time to access, plan, or share with future school administrators.

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Each theme includes:

Our curriculum is loved by families around the world and ...has been adopted by private schools internationally - we support MicroSchools and parent-led pods! registered with U.S. Charter Schools as a trusted curriculum provider - ask about using your edu. funds to purchase!included for free with enrollment at Bridge Academy, the official online private school for natural learners!

Each theme includes the following:

• Child Development Information for Parents

• Social Connections

• Art & Expression

• Math Science

• Nature Explorations

• Literacy Activities

• Book Recommendations

• Expansion Ideas

Your child’s reactions to what they have been made to believe about learning are very real and important.

I see far too many parents and teachers talking about how they trick their kids into learning. Or bribe them to just “finish the work.”

This is a dangerous game. It’s not how kids should feel about learning. It’s not something to find a workaround or play around with.

Children make these decisions about learning (and about themselves as learners) at a young age... and if it goes on for too long, it’s almost statistically impossible to change their minds.

It’s not about tricking them or diverting their attention or sneaking learning in.

It’s about helping them heal. Helping them rediscover that they ARE capable learners. That they can learn what they want when they want and need it. That their timeline of learning is the only one that matters. That they can trust their instincts. And in many cases, that the way learning was done TO them is indeed something to heal from.

I know it’s hard to be at this place with your child. But there is hope. Our curriciulum is crafted to inspire and support natural learning pathways. Establish a good foundation with Your Natural Learner curriculum.