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Child-led Natural Learning

Healthy Homeschool Routines Workshop Bundle

Healthy Homeschool Routines Workshop Bundle

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Natural Learning

Feeling like you're constantly in the cycle of creating a new routine, sticking to it for a few days, inevitably losing all of your momentum, and feeling like you're destined to never figure out this day to day homeschooling thing without giving up something major (like, ya know, sleep)?

Well, it's not you, Mama. It's some seriously false messaging you've been receiving that in order to have a decent routine, you have to have every moment of your day scheduled out or sacrifice your own self-care. And that's so SO false!

In this 4-part workshop, I walk you through the important steps of creating a routine that naturally develops out of your family's flow (versus trying to force a routine into your family's natural rhythms). 

We will bust some myths around what routines are supposed to look and feel like, and get super clear on not just what a good routine is but HOW to actually create the best one for your family. 

*This workshop is included for FREE for families in Bridge Academy*

This workshop covers:

  • 7 key pillars of healthy homeschool routines
  • How to identify the natural flow of your family's day
  • Hierarchy of needs for individuals to be successful day to day
  • Supporting your child's cognitive, emotional, & physical development
  • Creating a routine that flows from your natural family rhythms
  • How to support independent learning and learn together, playfully & peacefully (never do a worksheet again)

As part of this package, you'll receive:

  • Full 4-part workshop with video and audio capability
  • Customizable workbook to print, guide, and utilize as a powerful tool
  • Slides for easy note-taking
  • Bonus Q&A videos from the live sessions
  • Bonus workshop video from Deena Barselah "Foundations for Family Food" to guide you through tough meal time struggles
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